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Luis R. Vizcarra Falla MD

I was born in Peru and attended to medical school at the National University of La Plata in Argentina. I completed my first residency in anatomic pathology at Durand hospital in the city of Buenos Aires. After I immigrated to the United States, I had to pass the rigorous test of the USMLE. I then continued my career at Saint John’s Episcopal hospital in New York, where I finished my second residency in internal medicine. One of the most important achievements of my career has been passing the “American Board of Internal Medicine” ABIM test and now I’m board certified. I have a medical license in the State of Georgia and plan to devote the rest of my career to deeply investigate each of the diseases that afflict my patients.

From the moment I opened my first book of medicine, I have not stopped studying the human body in detail. Now after more than 25 years and like every man of science I still feel the same fascination and enthusiasm whenever I learn something new. Advances in medicine are amazing and it’s exciting to know that my profession constantly relates with other sciences and new technologies. Diseases that previously seemed incurable now are being cured on a daily basis. Many people have survived cancer and AIDS.

Men have always used herbs to alleviate their illnesses. These same herbs are now the main components in the medications physicians use to treat their patients. These drugs are the result of many years of effort and research of dedicated scientists around the world. Since the times of Hippocrates until today, medicine has progressed enormously. Now with the use of powerful microscopes physicians are capable to observe in detail as small viruses and bacteria attack the human body. With the internet, physicians can obtain medical records of patients located thousands of miles away in a few minutes. Medicine is not only the science that discover and treat diseases but also the art of finding the best possible solution to the health problems of each patient with or without the help of drugs.

Even though physician’s use science to learn how diseases behave on most patients, many people have efficiently learned how to recognize the symptoms of their illnesses. I intend to combine all the advantages of modern science with a deep and sincere empathy in order to provide my patients with a medical service of the highest quality. Together you and I are going to find the cause of your ailments quickly and at the lowest possible cost. In the familiar environment of my clinic you will find the helping hand of a humble servant.