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Frequently Asked Questions

What and how many are the additional costs to the consultation?

The price of the consultation includes the interview, a thorough physical exam and the prescriptions. During the consultation, I am going to ask many questions and you will also have the opportunity to formulate questions. After the consultation, I am going to tell you my initial diagnostic impression and possibly suggest a few relevant studies according to your symptoms and findings on the physical exam.

What is an internist?

The internist specializes in patients with one or multiple and also acute or chronic health problems. We are trained to care for ambulatory patients in an ambulatory primary care setting as well as hospitalized patients on the medical floors or intensive care units. Internal medicine is one of the most respected specialties in the medical world.

What is a certificate of the ABIM?

ABIM is “The American Board of internal medicine”. This entity periodically assesses the internists with a rigorous medical test to make sure that the physicians are up-to-date with the latest advances in medicine. Only those who successfully pass the test receive a certificate of the ABIM.

Why should I see a doctor if I don’t feel sick?

In the past, people only visit the doctor if they felt sick. The human body is able to fight some diseases but unfortunately it is not capable of beating all illnesses on its own. Diabetes, high blood pressure and many other diseases usually do not give symptoms or present with equivocal symptoms while slowly deteriorate our body. Today, preventive medicine has a very important role in health care and many diseases can be prevented or cured on time. Vaccines save millions of lives each year. Pap tests, mammograms and colonoscopies have prevented or detected cancer in many patients of all ages. Hence, millions of people around the world have benefited and continue to enjoy good health thanks to the advances in medicine. It is easier and much cheaper to have an annual check-up with your primary care physician rather than dealing with a serious illness.

What is the difference between a chronic and acute disease?

Both can be mild or severe. The difference is that an acute illness lasts only days or weeks and the chronic can last months, years or forever.

What are electronic health records EHR/EMR?

Physicians in private offices and hospitals now store patients’ health information into an electronic form. Paper medical records will be discontinued completely soon. In my office all my patient’s medical information is stored in a secure electronic system which can be accessed only with passwords. As a result your medical information is stored safe and it’s easy to be transmitted wherever you need it.

Do you accept patients with medical insurance?

Yes. We currently accept medical insurance. Call us for questions at 678-615-2565.